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List of Chinese Scam Reporting Websites

If you have fallen victim to a Chinese scam it is often difficult to know who or where to turn to, and the help available can be quite limited.

Even if you find it impossible to get your money back, you can help warn other potential victims (and vent some steam) by reporting it on a fraud  reporting website.

This article presents a list of these websites and a description of how they handle Chinese scam reports.

Why Use a Scam Reporting Website

There are two main reasons for using a scam reporting website.

Reporting a Scam

If you are the victim of a Chinese scam, choosing to report it will help protect others whilst allowing you to vent some steam. For purchases of limited value there can be little you can do to get your money back, so warning others may be your only method to get your voice heard.

Due Diligence

Many buyers sensibly choose to do a simple Google search of a company name before they place an order. If a bad supplier has been identified as a scammer on a scam reporting website there is a good chance this will appear in the search results.

If you have become victim to Houde Lighting Appliance Co. Here are some reporting websites.

This is only a very basic form of due diligence however, and more thorough verification is recommended.

Chinese Scam Reporting Websites

The below table identifies some of the best websites for reporting a Chinese scam.

Name Homepage Description

You have been cheated on Chinese supplier ? What to do ?

(remember : we are talking about small orders only here and small-volume scams/cheats)

So ... you have make the order, you have sent money and you have a problem like  ...

 no reply at all (for 5 days at least)

 my items are still there (for more than 20 days, without telling me the reason)

 i received my  items but they are faulty/dead/broken

 i received my  items but they are wrong items

 i received my  items but some items are missing or they are less 

 they are asking me for more money because of their mistake.

What to do next ?

1. Send them mails,
 everyday, reporting the problem.
Send the same mail to the company also, not only to the sales-person you were dealing with.
Send it to their own website , on Skype, and on Alibaba Company's contact form.
After 5-7 days without any reply at all, or without a solution to your problem , announce to them that you will start the legal procedure to take your money back, if you don't get a clear solution to your problem on the next 3-5 days.
Make them clear that you will follow all these procedures written below.

example ;

Dear xxxxx

This is the 5th (and last) mail i am sending to you asking for a solution about the xxxxx-problem.

I have not still receive any reply from you (or a clear way to solve my problem)

I would like to warn you that :

if i will not receive a reply from you on the next 5 days (until April-25-2013)

my company will assume that there is a scam case here and will start all legal procedures for a money refund, αccording to international trading rules

1. ......




7.........(all bellow written) 
As you can easily understand,  there is no way to stop or recall these procedures, after April-25-2013 .

2. Report them to Alibaba and Paypal.
Alibaba : Login -> myAlibaba -> Submit Complaint and Report
but ... don't wait for a solution !!!.

If you paid via Paypal you can open a case and you will probably take your money back (if no more than 25 days).
Otherwise just report this company. If they have many reports like yours they will close his account.

 3. Report all transaction and problems,  with full details, on any related forum to protect other importers from this company.

Alibaba's forum

ECF forum

4. Report all transaction and problems,  with full details, on all scam-alerts and fraud-list sites

to protect other importers from them.






5. Report your case to the Chinese embassy in your country.

6. Report your case to the China police Shenzhen department
or find the right department here : http://www.shenzhenking.com/police.htm

7. Report your case to :

Shenzhen Bureau of Trade & Industry

Address: 3/F, Block C, Civic Center

Tel.: (86 755) 8210 7117, 82107434             

Fax: (86 755) 8200 1360

Website: http://www.szbti.gov.cn             

Shenzhen Industrial and Commercial Administrative Management Bureau

Address: Gongshang Wujia Building, 7010#, Shennan Avenue, Shenzhen

Tel.: Industry and Commerce ( 86 755 ) 12315   Price: ( 86 755 ) 12358

Website: http://www.szaic.gov.cn

Administrator of Local Taxation of Shenzhen Municipality

Address: 28#, South Futian Road, Futian District

Tel.: ( 86 755 ) 123662 

Website: http://www.szds.gov.cn


Shenzhen Customs

Address: Shenzhen Customs Building, 1087#, Heping Road, Luohu District

Tel.:( 86 755 ) 8439 8110  


Shenzhen Foreign Affairs (Overseas Chinese Affairs) Office

Address: 2/F, Block C, Civic Center

Tel.: (86 755)8210 5977, 8200 2509

Website: http://www.szfao.gov.cn

Shenzhen Port Office

Address: 10#, South Futian Road, Futian District

Tel.:(86 755)8339 4325, 8339 4409

Website: http://www.szka.gov.cn/

Shenzhen Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Bureau

Address: China Inspection & Quarantine Mansion, 1011# Fuqiang Road, Futian District

Tel.: (86 755)8388 6000

Fax: (86 755)8339 5995

Website: http://www.szciq.gov.cn

Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce

Address: 8#, Hongbao Road, Shenzhen

Tel.: (86 755)8211 3000 ,2559 1851

Fax: (86 755)2559 2408

Website: http://www.szgcc.cn

European Office Shenzhen

Address:Ostendstr.100 D-90482 Nüremberg Germany

Tel.: 0049-911-95339143(O) 5065025(H)

Website: http://www.shenzhen-eo.de

North American Representative Office of Shenzhen

Address: Los Angeles World Trade Center 350 South Figueroa Street, uite 288 Los Angeles, CA90071

Tel.: 213-628-9888

Website: http://www.shenzhenoffice.org

Japanese Representative Office of Shenzhen

Address: Room 1908, 1-30-5 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0013

Tel.:(030)5733-2244 (030)3906-9301


Website: http://www.shenzhen-jp.org